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W3 Schools

World Wide Web Consortium standards

WHATWG – html living standard

Mozilla HTML reference

JavaScript kit


Processing reference & sharing




Accessing Lynda through CML


OSU resources

OSU personal web space

OSU Art & Tech

OSU Dept of Art

OSU Disability Services


Code editors (text editors with additional tools)

textMate (mac)

Brackets (cross platform)

Espresso (mac)

Smultron (mac) – this appears not to be free anymore : (

Atom (mac, experimental on other platforms)

Bluefish (cross platform)

list of HTML editors

When you first start learning html and you just want to try things out, use this in-browser editor:

TextEdit (comes on every mac) –

To use textedit as an html editor:

  1. Type your html in Rich text format, save in rich text format, RTF
  2. Save it into a directory (a file)
  3. Duplicate your rtf file, open it, and convert it to Plain text (Format: make plain text” )
  4. Save your plain text file and then change the extension to html
  5. You should be able to open the file in a local browser by double clicking
  6. There you will see your “website,” where the html markup is invisible


Free open source FTP clients:

CyberDuck (mac)

FileZilla (cross platform)

Fugu (mac)

Fire FTP (firefox add on)

WinSCP (windows)

comparison of FTP client software