INTERNET ART: networks, performative programming, and web as context

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Evolution Of Dance (net performance)

I went towards the route of doing something in relation to dance, because it is something I love to do, but I also wanted to experiment with something I have never done before, so I did the evolution of dances from the 1920s to today.  Except that catch was that my hands became my feet.  The usage of my whole body became a limitation.  I could only utilize my hands.  That, itself was very difficult, because there are a lot of things I can do with my feet in dance versus my hands.  (fingers)  I posted it on Facebook, but still await responses…(Received some responses …positive)




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Machinima Performance Art

Because I have chosen, currently, to steer towards the sims aspect of internet performance art, I have looked into other examples of it being displayed.  In this particular video, it is displaying a narrative that focuses on one particular character and their everyday actions.  In a way, this is a way of someone “escaping their own personal life.”  This is how I pictured Sims, because it is like you are creating a world that you is “perfect” with limitations to you.  It allows you to control everyone in the town, as if you are in the hierarchy position.  I am of course still brainstorming, but sims is something that I am looking into doing. (Possibly utilizing a movie or TV show as inspiration for my narrative)

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A-Y, Plan Z !


PImage photo;
PImage photo2;
PImage photo3;
PImage photo4;
PImage photo5;
PImage photo6;
PImage photo7;
PImage photo8;
PFont title;
int firstsizex, firstsizey, stage, stage2;
PFont myFont;
PFont myFont2;
float speedArrows = 30;
float x= 800;
float l;
float h;
float y= 100;
float x2= 800;
float y2= 100;
float speed = 2;
float speed2 = 4;
float leftright;
float updown;
int Switch= 0;
boolean stage1 = false;
int a = keyCode;
int w = keyCode;
int s = keyCode;
int d = keyCode;

void setup(){
stage = 1;
photo = loadImage(“Sandy.jpg”);
image(photo, 0 , 0 , 800, 800);
photo2 = loadImage(“Plankton.png”);
photo3 = loadImage(“Krusty_Krab.jpg”);
photo4 = loadImage(“Krabs.png”);
photo5 = loadImage(“The_Chum_Bucket.jpg”);
photo6 = loadImage(“Spongebob.png”);
photo7 = loadImage(“Squidward.png”);
myFont = createFont(“krazynights.ttf”, 60);
myFont2 = createFont(“AdobeFanHeitiStd-48”, 60);

void draw(){
text(“Plan Z”, width/2, 300);
text(” Z”, width/2, 300);
text(“Press the spacebar to begin”, 405, 440);
textAlign(CENTER, CENTER);
text(“Plankton has stolen the Krabby Pattie secret formula.”,410,500);
text(“Will he make it back to the chum bucket, so he can”,410,515);
text(“continue on with his plan? Thats up to you!”,410,530);
text(“Help Plankton get to the Chum Bucket using a(left), s(down), d(right), w(up)”,410,570);
text(“without falling off the cliff and getting caught by the other characters.”,410,585);
text(“You have 3 lives, use them wisely!”,410,600);
text(“Start Here”,700,750);
text(“How to play:”,400,475);
if(keyPressed == true){
stage = 2;
rect(500, 680, 300, 150);
rect(700, 590, 50, 100);
rect(600, 590, 150, 50);
rect(550, 540, 50, 100);
rect(550, 500, 150, 50);
rect(700, 450, 50, 100);
rect(250, 400, 500, 50);
rect(200, 300, 50, 150);
rect(200, 250, 250, 50);
rect(400, 100, 50, 150);
rect(250, 0, 300, 100);
ellipse(0, 0, 140, 140);
ellipse(0, 800, 140, 140);
ellipse(800, 0, 140, 140);
image(photo6, x, 250, 45, 45);
image(photo4, x, 450, 45, 45);
image(photo7, x, 595, 45, 45);
image(photo3, 525, 680, 250, 150);
image(photo5, 275, 0, 250, 100);
image(photo2, leftright, updown, 45, 45);
void move(){
if( x > width || x < 0) {
Switch= 1;
if( x == x/2) {
Switch= 0;
if( Switch==00){
if( x > width || x < 0) {
Switch= 3;
if( x == x/2) {
Switch= 0;
if( Switch==00){

void display(){
photo4 = loadImage(“Krabs.png”);
photo6 = loadImage(“Spongebob.png”);
photo7 = loadImage(“Squidward.png”);

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You are given normal and organic shapes to form a piece of art.  You have to fit all the shapes into this space, but it creates a work of art in the end, if you are able to make it that far.  It is kind of like Tetris; It gets quicker and quicker, so you have to keep up, but still make the right decisions as far as where to place the shapes.

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“Pie In The Face”

Just an Update:  I had just recently got my website working after tweeks with it, but now it is back down again for some odd reason. I’m hoping to figure out the reason why by tomorrow though.   (Okay, it should work now)

This is the link ——>

Project 2:

After going over the readings and getting a preview of the examples shown to us, of how other artist went about this concept, I had finally come to the conclusion that I wanted to do something in relation to Youtube and their interaction with what they call the “stars” on youtube(Even without the title of ‘being a amateur’ and getting paid like a professional).  I wanted to reach out to random youtube stars to see if they would accept a challenge that was not originally started by me, but sent as a challenge to me.

This challenge is called the “Pie in the face” challenge which is much like the Ice bucket challenge.  It has a soul purpose which is to show support and raise money for autism.Autism-a mental condition, present from early childhood, characterized by difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts.

So…….as a ‘consumer’, I accepted the challenge and utilized it as a proposition for youtube stars who had not heard about it yet.  Making it into something that is international.  I reached out to 4 different people, and unfortunately only received 1 response as of today.  Unfortunately, with her situation, she said she would try to do so, but wasn’t sure.  She is also going to spread the word to others that had channels as well.  So, in a way, it became like a ‘network’.  I did offer to give her money for doing this, but it was also a gain, because this was something brought to my attention, and I wanted to be apart of something significant.

failsubject to change…

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“Hip to the Hop” Network

I decided to start my blog out with 2 videos for you to watch.  You don’t have to watch them all the way through to understand my concept behind my network, but you are welcome to.  

1st, Play this video….

Now, check out this video…..

……….Hear anything familiar?????????       Before you make an assumption about this, just know that TLC made it first, but Zendaya decided to sample the music and create her own.

This is an idea of what I wanted to portray in my network.  I am calling it the Hip Hop network, with a basis on hip hop, history, fashion, and so much more.                                             I wanted to display the relationships between older music and new (like above) and the relationships Hip Hop has when it comes to fashion, media, and general hobbies like spoken word (poetry), etc.