INTERNET ART: networks, performative programming, and web as context


TUES 11/1 – Thurs 11/3

Nathan for you – Pig Rescues goat internet hoax:

Simon Denny – NSA art:


JenniCam: Jennifer Kaye Ringley, constant live feed from surveillance cameras (web cast) 1996 – 2003

Robert Spence’s prosthetic eye-camera lifecasting in wired:

Robin Hewlett and Ben Kinsley, “Street With A View,” 2008 – performing for google street view:

Browser plug-in art tumblr:

ShiftSpace plug in / extension:

Constant Dullart’s DullTech:   (video @ about section)

Julian Oliver & Danja Vasiliev – The Critical Engineering Working group

1)The critical engineering manifesto:

2)Workshop series –

3) Prism: speculative NSA forensics equipment –

4) Newstweek –

Julian Oliver –

Danja Vasiliev –

Julian Oliver & Danja Vasiliev talk @ The Studio for Creative Inquiry:


TUES 10/25

“cyberformance” collaborative groups:

The Hamnet Players –

Avatar Orchestra Metaverse –

Second Front

“machinima” etc:

Maurice Benayoun (The Tunnel Under the Atlantic)

Diary of a Camper – by the Rangers for Quake

Hugh Hancock – and Oxymandias:

Eddo Stern – Landlord Vigilante:

Chris Burke & Malcolm McLaren – “This Spartan Life”interview with Malcom McLaren:

Game Activism:

Angela Washko & The Council on Gender Sensitivity and Behavioral Awareness in World of Warcraft —

Game Mods:

Palle Torsson – “Free Fall” (game mod of half life 2) –

Corey Arcangel – super mario clouds, super slow tetris, Masters–

Gary’s Mod

Performance (twitter) Bots:

Angela Washko’s “Types of Girls” @TheTypesOfGirls

Corey Arcangel – “Working on my novel” @WorkingOnMyNovel

Other Internet Performance:

Ryan Trecartin – Internet influenced performance & youtube channel –

Art Crit in Gary’s Mod –

code poem – 2016 – by Álvaro Seiça in collaboration with André Sier –


Jayson Scott Musson as “Hennessy Youngman” making Art Thoughtz youtube video series:

Charlotte Prodger – investigating subculture of Cut up culture

Laurie Simmons – investigating subculture of cosplay culture

TUES 10/11

Mary Flanagan – (Critical Play: Radical Game Design)

EARLY GAMES to check out (there are so many more than this):

Egyptian board game Senet 3500 BC

1840s “The Mansion of Happiness”

French Revolution board Game – “Jeu de la Revolution” – 1850s

Dada to surrealists  – Exquisite corpse

Fluxus Instruction-based performances, games, festival sports


Jaron Lanier & Bernie DeKoven’s Alien Garden

Jane Veeder’s – Warp it Out –

CONTEMP. INDIVIDUAL INDEPENDENT ARTIST GAMEMAKERS (again, many many more of these than here. go catch ’em all!) :

Natalie Bookchin – The Intruder

Bennet Foddy –

Eddo Stern –

Hannah Epstein –

Nick Crockett –

TUES 9/13 – THURS 9/15

Jean Tinguely 1950s -Drawing machines (metamatics) :

1960s – Desmond Paul Henry – British digital art pioneer who constructed a series of mechanical drawing machines from analog bombsight computers:

listen to interviews here:

Dara Birnbaum’s computer assisted drawings – 1992

Joseph Griffiths – drawing machines:

2010 – Eyebeam’s SADbot – diy drawing machine loves light:

Eske Rex –

Pablo Garcia – 2012 – Machine drawing drawing machines:

Harvey Moon –

Dakotah Konicek  –


Casey Reas –

Golan Levin –

Camille Utterback –’s ongoing exhibition

TUES 9/6 – THURS 9/8

Caleb Larsen – “A tool to deceive and slaughter” or here or read about it here

Aaron Koblin – “The Sheep Market” (Amazon turk crowd sourced drawings)

Stephanie Syjuco :

Specifically look at: counterfeit crochet project, copystand, and particulate matter

Petra cortright video catalog pricing –

Corey Arcangel

TUES & THURS 8/30-9/1

The Webby Awards – 2016 Best Websites

Wim Delvoye’s Wim City

Jaocb Ciocci & Paper rad –

Jacob Ciocci’s “Just another wordpress site “-

Constant Dullaart  

Faith Holland:

Bunny Rogers 2013 websites

**Rafael Rozendaal


(keep looking through all the early net art listed in last class’s references!)

Related to our history lesson:

Eniac –

The Well


American Transcendentalists & Transcendentalism

Related to the Curt Cloninger article:

Marcel Duchamp

idea of the readymade:

Joseph Cornell

boxed assemblages:

Haim Steinbach


Object assemblages:

Oliver Laric

VVWORK – (no longer active) projects:

50 50 (2007) video:

Current website:

Fairly recent interview:


About versions @ MIT:

Oliver Laric @ MOCA Cleveland this year:

Spirit Surfers:

New –


Older – – Look at featured sites:

(try out the “recently changed pages”)


Corey Arcangel:

The Jogging (Brad Troemel, Artie Vierkant):



1981- Syndicate (now V2_Lab)

1995 – Nettime

Readme! ASCII Culture and the Revenge of Knowledge:

The Thing   or old thing, 1995:


1985 – The Well – Whole Eart ‘Lectronic Link:

the story of the well according to the well:

1995 Ada web

archived by Walker Art Center:

Lawrence weiner for ada web:

(click yellow read button in index to read about this project)

Jenny Holzer for ada web:

(click yellow read button in index to read about this project)

Julia Scher for ada web:

(click yellow read button in index to read about this project)

Vivian selbo for ada web:

(click yellow read button in index to read about this project)

**Heath Bunting – King’s Cross Phone In:

**Heat Bunting on Irational:

Heath Bunting – Own, Be Owned or Remain Ivisible (1999 – Dirk Paesmans and Joan Heemskerk):

Bianca’s Smut Shack:

whats left –

Suck (1995-2001):

Net.Art Per Se meeting fake CNN page –

Name.Space – **Paul Garrin

Behind Name.Space:


Pt 1:

Pt 2:

On net neutrality:


Bio / some links:

**Alexei Shulgin

Easylife –

Link X:

Form Art:

**Desktop IS (1997):

Natalie Bookchin

**Garnet Hertz

With article by Matt Mirapaul – “With the Desktop as Canvas”

Rachel Baker

M@ (Matt)

Vuk Cosic’s

Documenta Done:

**Olia Lialina – My Boyfriend Came Back from the War

I/O/D Web Stalker software – download page (you don’t have to download any of these, they may not work on your computer)


More info:

Rachel Baker

Beth Stryker

Josephine Bosma

Her book –

**Shu Lea Cheang


Artist’s website:

Guggenheim’s first website, Brandon:

Interview with SLC about Brandon on Rhizome:

Bomb Mag article:

**Pecha Kucha night in 2016 :

Fresh Kill (1994 film):

VNS Matrix – Cyberfeminist manifesto (1991):

not the original url –


**an oral history of the first cyberfeminists:

Old Boys Network:

**Mark Napier

Digital Landfill – read about it:


About Riot on Mark’s website:

About Shredder on Mark’s website:

New potatoland:

About net flag:


about –

Interview with mongrel about natural selection search engine project:

About 1998 shareware Heritage gold-

Maciej Wisniewski

Art bio:

Netomat – art work turned web design company:

John Simon Jr

Wolfgang Staehle


Postmasters Gallery – Tamas Banovich

current website:


New website:

Ben Benjamin

Superbad website:

Current website:

Annette Weintraub

Pedestrian (1997):

**Mark Amerika



Current website:

Ken Goldberg



**   ®™ark


SimCopter easter egg / hack:

Barbie Liberation Org:


Adilkno (collective)


Current website:

“25 Internet Aritsts You Need to Know” :