INTERNET ART: networks, performative programming, and web as context


All extra credit is graded out of 5 to be added to your overall project grade. That does not necessarily guarantee you will receive a 5 unless you do an awesome job! You may do as many extra credit options as you want.  Please email me for approval for option 5 (see below).

Any extra credit for this class must be completed by Dec 1st. 

Email me your finished essays or extra credit assignments: hansen.492


Watch one of the following films / videos and write a 3 paragraph essay (1 pg single spaced / 2 pgs double spaced) on topic of your choice in relation to the film.  Essays could include summary, connections to art works or movements we’ve discussed in class, connections to contemporary events, and/ or your own review / opinion on the subject matter and the film.

Werner Herzog’s Lo and Behold

Alex Gibney’s Zero Days

Alex Gibney’s Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine

Lutz Dammbeck’s Das Netz: (English- The Net:) the Unabomber, LSD, and the Internet


Choose multiple art works or artists listed on Artists / References section of the blog and write a 3 paragraph essay (1 pg single spaced / 2 pgs double spaced) that compares and contrasts these / their works. Essays should include description of the pieces / work, art historical context, and comparison. Think about how this work relates to other topics we have discussed in class. What does it remind you of? What materials / mediums are used? Why is it important? Do you like it or hate it, why?


Choose one of the assigned readings or optional readings and write a 3 paragraph essay (1 pg single spaced / 2 pgs double spaced) in response to the reading.  What’s interesting about it? Do a close reading (summary & analysis),  or compare this reading in the context of this class:  How is it relevant to other readings, artists, or contemporary events we’ve discussed in class?


Re-do or add on to any of the projects for class to be re-graded. Hopefully your grade is an improvement!


Propose a project or an essay that is relevant to class and if I approve (via email), I will grade it out of 5 to be added to your project grades.