INTERNET ART: networks, performative programming, and web as context

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Creating Humorous Narratives with Parts of Games

While watching the footage of GTA gameplay turned into a story, I thought of the many skits I’ve seen on Youtube using free video software where you can add assets from other games, such as Portal. Characters can essentially be used as puppets to act out a narrative. I’m sorry in advance.


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My trip down the rabbit hole

I have been obsessed with getting a dog over the last few months. I like photography, graffiti, cinematography, among plenty other interests. I started at one link and ended up somewhere I didn’t necessarily expect. I might not have done the assignment correctly, but if you check it out, let me know where I went left when I should’ve gone right, lol. Thanks


My Sneaker Trail

“You’d be surprised, how far sneakers can take you.”

MeeeI decided to start my trail through Wikipedia, and searching up sneakerssneakerbegLets start walking……

  1.  WikiPedia
  2.  Much like Pinterest
  3.  Shopping
  4.  Blog about different styles
  5.  Blog focused on denim
  6.   Blog/Shopping
  7.   Advertisement of the ModCloth brand
  8.  Workwear
  9.  Things associated with officewear
  10.  Interesting Socks
  11.  Things associated with shoes
  12.   Pair of sneakers in association with Nike and Apple

As you have viewed, you notice that the network in this was as follows:                                                                                              Search engine -> Shopping site -> Blog -> Social Media

This is how a brand becomes international.  This is how a fashion trends begin.  It starts with one thing, and builds to something even bigger.  I noticed that I did find myself back to the sneakers, but it just shows that even a sneaker can direct you to clothes for the office, or dresses for the summer.  We would associate sneakers with sports or something athletic, but it is more than that.  

sneakerend.jpg…Time to clean them..                                                            T. Woodie