INTERNET ART: networks, performative programming, and web as context

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I became interested in fembots on the internet, particularly on dating sites, and how users of these sites interact with the “bots”. For my final project I created a fake HelloCupid and Tinder profile of a woman named “Jessica” who is gaining the attention of male users of the sites and in some cases interacting with them.

I am still unsure how I would like to present my final project in an artful form. I am considering creating a website that imitates an email account and linking to the messages that the men have sent, or even just providing my login information as my final project so that it exists inside its own account.

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Internet Performance Bot

For my internet performance, I wanted to create a bot that would exist on the internet and create a performance on its own, with an initial set of rules that I created. I wanted to set my bot out on its own and see how it interpreted my rules, and what it did with them.

I created a Twitter account called @plzh3lpme, and created an app attached to it. With this app I created a bot that would retweet any tweet with the phrase “how do i” in it.

This account created an interesting look at the desires and social media personas of people using Twitter.


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Are You Following Me?

PImage p1;
PImage p2;
PImage bg;

int ai_x=50;
int ai_y=50;

void setup(){
void moveAI(){

if(ai_x < mouseX){
ai_x += 2;
if(ai_x > mouseX){
ai_x -= 2;
if (ai_y < mouseY){
if (ai_y > mouseY){
void draw(){

image(p1, mouseX-10,mouseY-10,70,70);
image(p2, ai_x-10, ai_y-10, 70,41);

//red rectangle

//green rectange
///rect(mouseX-10, mouseY-10,20,20);

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Game as Art

No matter how old I get, I still love playing the Sims on my computer. I see the Sims as art because of how the game makes me reflect on my own life and desires and inner psyche. I find it very calming to have complete control over the lives of my Sims, when I often feel as though I have no control over my own life. Because the game prods these reflections, I consider the Sims to be art.