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Project Proposal

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For the final project I’m planning on doing a remake or repeat of the second project where we tried to make money online. I want to try and play with costumer expectations. I just bought some small skeins of yarn in various colors and am planning on randomizing scarves or hats that people order, but offering them at a discounted rate.

I might also give an option of donating the scarf or hat that is made, but they would have to decide that when they ordered it, not after they see the final project.

I would randomize the yarn colors through rolling dice or a random number generator online.


Some of the yarn I recently picked up for this project.

As for actually selling this merchandize online, I’m planning on either using my Etsy again or trying out ebay but with a vague description for the item I will be selling so the customer might not know what exactly they are getting.


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