INTERNET ART: networks, performative programming, and web as context

Final Project Proposal

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Most of my past works focus mainly on culture, whether it is of my own or on something that I have observed. I like to mainly reflect on my own identity because it creates a pathway of self discovery as I learn more and more about my dad’s side of the family who is from Nigeria. In most my artworks, not only do I have the opportunity to do research (by talking to my family and looking online) but I have the chance to share my own perspective and possibly develop new ones with my audience. Being American, this gives me the opportunity to reach further into that factors that created the person I am today. The sense of detachment from the African culture is the thing that motivates me to discover more.

For my final, I want to do a blend of elements. I want to utilize elements that I am confident and familiar with while also using things that I have learned this semester. I plan on working with this while at the same time I want to focus on the cultural concept. As far as presentation, I am still considering options. I tend to struggle with developing art that would be considered as “internet art”, so I am still in the process of defining what is internet art to me and how I can display in a way that it fits my expectations.



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