INTERNET ART: networks, performative programming, and web as context

Final Project Proposal

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Most of my art projects outside of this class (and a few in this class) deal with death in some form or another. I want to try to change that and turn my focus around. Instead, I want to focus on some celebration of life. We associate death with everything bad such as sadness, weakness, sickness, seriousness, darkness, unhappiness, etc. For this project, I will do a piece that is lighthearted, funny, and overall full of life.

Idea 1: The performance will consist of me controlling social media accounts as a persona wearing a muscle suit. I will act as serious as possible.

Idea 2: Create a plug-in that turns your mouse into a kitten that is really freaking cute and meows when you click something. Or a dragon that breathes fire. Whichever one works.



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