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Sims 4 Family

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So for my internet performance project I decided to cross something off my video game bucket list. For years I have been playing sims and enjoying the stories and videos people create with the game. So I decided to write about my own story based off my sims 4 game. I have always be big about creating families with elaborate stories through the game with large family trees. So I have this story of the family I have been playing with and working on and pictures to go with it. I struggled with how to present the pictures and the story so I finally settled on using slide show and writing a short story. I planned on posting this for the sims forum and/or blog and seeing how others who play the game response to the story.


Though I can’t post all the pictures I collected I will show some and post the writing I posted to the blog and the forum.


I have been playing sims ever since it came out. With the newest version I have always played the game same way. Since I can never “win” at the game of sims since it’s the game of life I have kept myself to my own set of restrictions and goals. The end result of my work on this game is always to have the biggest family tree I can get with me personally playing as many members of that family as possible from birth to death. I can’t use any cheats or modifications to game to make it easier and I have to keep the sim’s life as realistic as possible, such as “dating time to marriage” and “accidental deaths”. Also, to make it more fun for myself, I create little family traditions for the family, like with weddings and names. This most recent game I was playing I got up to the family’s seventh generation before I started getting bored with the family, breaking my own rules and finally had to give it up. To start the game, like always, I began with only one teenage sim living in a starter house I did not build myself. Her name was Daisy Farris and for this project I decided to tell her story as it was created it my own mind and projected through the game.


Daisy was an orphan all her life, never knowing her parents or a family. As a teen she came to pleasantville with some money she saved to start her life off. Life was rough being poor and being in high school but through it all she found friends and worked to keep herself afloat. Daisy was known to throw huge parties at her home since she was practically the only teenager in pleasantville without parents to tell her what to do. And it was through one of her parties that she met a boy, Malcolm, her first love. Malcolm was no ordinary teenage boy, he was the son of the Landgraab’s, the richest family in the city. The Landgraabs practically owned everything in town being from old money. Daisy and Malcolm fell in love fast and married soon after graduating from high school. After marriage the couple stayed with in the Landgraab mansion with Malcolm’s parents until eventually getting a upscale house of their own. This is where the trouble began with the new neighbors, The Berrys.


Rosa Berry married an older man with two children from a previous marriage when she met Malcolm on a run around the neighborhood. The two of them hit it off and became fast friends, sharing the hope to start a family and have children. Meanwhile, Daisy was enjoying her life, throwing fancy cocktail parties and planning her eventually pregnancy. But soon after Daisy and Malcolm started trying for a baby that their marriage hits some rocks. Daisy was having no luck getting pregnant, trying everything from doctors to spa treatments and Malcolm started feeling the pressure. They became to fight as Daisy became consumed with becoming a mother and Malcolm became consumed with Rosa. Rosa and Malcolm started having a affair with Daisy soon after announcing that she was finally pregnant.


Though Daisy’s pregnancy did not make the fighting stop, Malcolm began spending nights at work and sleeping on the couch. Around the time that Daisy found out she was having a boy, Rosa had a surprise of her own. Rosa, having just left her husband, came to the house one morning screaming about her affair with Malcolm and her pregnancy with his child. Daisy was devastated and eventually had her son, Sage, alone in the hospital. Still unknowing whether her husband was going to leave her and her new born son for Rosa. The question was soon answered with Malcolm allowing Rosa to move into their house since her husband had kicked her out for the affair. Daisy stayed, having no where else to go and her new born son to worry about. Soon after Rosa had her daughter, Carmon and all of Daisy’s question about her marriage were answered. Leaving their new born daughter with Daisy, Rosa and Malcolm ran away together. Daisy, left to raise Sage and the child of her husband and his mistress Daisy moved into smaller home she could afford. Daisy began a new job as a musician for the local theatre to support herself and the children.


Later, Daisy was quickly becoming one of the most talented musicians in the city when she met Charlie Burg. Charlie was another musician in her theatre and the two slowly began dating. The problem being that since Malcolm and Rosa ran away together Daisy never actually divorced Malcolm. Eventually Charlie decided to move in with Daisy despite her continuing marriage to Malcolm. Everything seemed to be wonderful for Daisy again, until Malcolm and Rosa came back.


Malcolm and Rosa, pregnant with another child, came back into Daisy’s life demanding a divorce and their daughter back. Daisy being no blood relation to Carmon had no choice but to give her back to Malcolm and Rosa. Devastated yet again by Malcolm’s actions Daisy threw herself into her work. Eventually Daisy married Charlie and became pregnant with a daughter of her own, Lily. And when Carmon became a teen she was able to move out Rosa and Malcolm’s home and back in with Daisy. Daisy and Charlie lived out the rest of their days together, raising Lily, Sage and Carmon together, becoming grandparents and growing old together.”



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