INTERNET ART: networks, performative programming, and web as context

Internet Art Performance/Experience

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Initially, for this project I was thinking of doing a stop motion film because I was inspired by an artist who actually focuses on that. After researching the process of how to make one, I suddenly realize that it was something that I should not do given with amount of time and the quality that I want my work to be.

After some brainstorming, I was thinking about how not only the internet has changed the was we view videos and capture moments. For example, when I was younger I remember for every special occasion my mom would record the events (Yes, with the huge camera recorders from the 90s). Nowadays it is so easy for us to capture our lives and we are able to do this with just a click on our phones and share with our family and friends through our social media accounts.

This semester, I was advised by one of my instructors that I should keep records of my progress of my work and I decided to use this opportunity to record a specific moment when I was in the studio working on a project for printmaking. I then decided to post this in my personal Facebook account to share with my family and friends because I know it would definitely get feedback because they are familiar with the works I post.screenshot_2016-11-08-13-36-542





Given the opportunity, I would do more videos of the whole process, instead of doing just a small portion. In the past, I have found it interesting to watch other people’s techniques through their videos and how their works developed throughout time.My video is just a small portion and after reflecting, I would problem post it to an art-based community to get more feedback.


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