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Art Games – Orbient/EEE

Orbient was an “art style” game that came out for the Nintendo Wii.





2nd place would be one of my favorite games – Every Extend Extra (Sony PSP). 14037347138_468a700e3a_o


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8-Bit Art!!


I found that Centipede and Galaga were artistic pieces that I enjoy looking at. Galaga is actually my favorite video game. If the game is anywhere I am, I will scramble to find some change to play it.


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I also hold the belief that all games are art, however, my specific example of game is an 8+ year old MMORPG called Mabinogi that I still can’t quit.

Despite its very outdated graphics, most NPCs feature a little 2-D anime-style bust shot of themselves and many cutscenes have more 2-D drawings of the same style. This is not to say the 3-D art isn’t just as much art as the 2-D.

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Trip down Memory Lane…


The game that I decided to reflect on is “Crash Bandicoot” which is a game that came out in the 90s and was created by Andy Gavin and Jason Rubin from the company Naughty Dog. The reason why I considered this game as art is because of the graphics and the narrative of each character that I admired as child. The ability to create a fictional world along with characters that flows perfectly with the plot always amazed me. Even now, I still find it interesting that games like this particular one is the result of collaborating artists and programmers.




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Art in Games

I think all games, no matter what they are, are a form of art. Even a simple code that only shows letters for hangman is art. The artist made a decision on what font the words would be in and what exactly gets displayed. For my example though I chose Bioshock Infinite. I think the story and environment created is one most enticing ones yet. I was immediately transported to the world the artist created.

Bioshock Infinite