INTERNET ART: networks, performative programming, and web as context

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Machinima Performance Art

Because I have chosen, currently, to steer towards the sims aspect of internet performance art, I have looked into other examples of it being displayed.  In this particular video, it is displaying a narrative that focuses on one particular character and their everyday actions.  In a way, this is a way of someone “escaping their own personal life.”  This is how I pictured Sims, because it is like you are creating a world that you is “perfect” with limitations to you.  It allows you to control everyone in the town, as if you are in the hierarchy position.  I am of course still brainstorming, but sims is something that I am looking into doing. (Possibly utilizing a movie or TV show as inspiration for my narrative)


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Example of Internet Performance

Here is a video of an artist that I follow on Instagram. His named is Pinot Ichwandardi. I am very interesting in how he turns his drawings into animation and create videos of it coming to life. Since I mainly draw, I thought that it was very creative of how he allows the drawings interact with space. People normally look to drawing as turning something that is 3D and recreating it on a flat surface. On the other hand, Pinot took it to a step further by allowing us to see if these drawings in our space.

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Internet Performance

Let’s Plays: the most watched channels on Youtube are almost all Let’s Plays. These are basically videos of grown men (and some other people but for some reason mainly men) who sit down and act stupid while playing video games. The most subscribed Youtuber, Pewdiepie, is actually a Let’s Play channel. Below, I listed my favorite of this endless void of nonsense, GameGrumps.


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Vlogging as Internet Performance

Video sites like youtube are filled with people who talk about their lives in a “vlog” style.  Some of them, like Danisnotonfire and Amazingphil get a large fan base following of people interested in them as people or what is happening in their lives.

Vlogging for some people have taken off so much and made them so popular that they are able to interact with their fans on tours or at conventions.