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Project 2

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For this project, I had thought long and hard about things like what could I sell, buy, trade, with someone over the internet while being personal and also artistic. I had researched many ways to make money off the internet and even ways to get someone to do something but felt that it was vague. So then, what I thought of, that would be personal and artistic, was I could give my time.

Time is a very important thing and I felt that it is something that people are always running out of (there’s a demand for it). The difficult part of giving my time to someone is how I would give it. It’s not like I could sell off my lifetime to someone to add to theirs. So then I thought that if I could not give time in that way, I could give my time by listening to people and maybe extending their lifetime that way instead.

I heard many stories about how the lack of communication and how people fail to listen are problematic these days. The importance of giving their time to listen to others is extremely necessary. There are researches that show how people fail to listen to a someone can cause them to have stress, which can cause depression and later lead to suicide. (I think I’m might have gone too far with that but I think you get what I mean..anyway) Humans are social beings and usually, would like to feel that they are not alone and that they have someone that cares. So, I decided to give my time, by listening to what people would like to say.

How I had done this project was that would let people anonymously call me through the internet to talk about anything they would like to talk about but still being anonymous. People then would be able to securely talk about what they usually can’t or wouldn’t talk about to be able to say things they would like to say.

How people can contact me is by using this website called Gruveo. Here, people can call from the internet without having to download anything and that they would only need my contact ID name to call me. If they would like their voice to be anonymous, they could use a text and speak website that allows someone to type and the computer will speak for you.


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