INTERNET ART: networks, performative programming, and web as context

Project 2

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I went towards an unheard of route unless you have friends with Bit Coin.

I have recently gone towards Doge Coin.

I set up a wallet on my phone and started “mining” and collecting Doge Coin at what’s known as “Faucets.”

This is a moderately well known alternative money source  through digital means.

Now as an artist in the digital age, we have to make ourselves known through digital means: Facebook, Instagram, etsy, deviant art and other big social media sites. But, I’m going with the underground. The reason I’m mining these Doge coins is to eventually buy ad space on Reddit and other sites that take the digital currency. Or to buy other means of supplies or maybe even food.

As our society comes ever closer to an exclusive digital currency. I am jumping on the bandwagon now rather than later.

Rate in USD:


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