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Online Kissing Booth

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Back when I was a freshman in college I went to a halloween party where I met my boyfriend at the time. He was dressed as a kissing booth and was selling $1 kisses and 50 cent hugs. He made something like $100 that night and got mono. So I thought that would be something interesting to try to do over the internet, but without the mono. How can I create an online kissing booth?

So I went online and made a special Tinder account for a made up girl and started swiping right on everyone. After a lot of debate Tinder was the best format for this because I didn’t need to give any information expect for my name and a picture. Just like if someone saw me on the street they would only be able to tell what I looked like and my prices for kisses and hugs.

For this project I had no intention to actually messaging anyone back or taking their money. I just wanted to see how many people would be interested in it by matching with me (danielle) and if they would message me about the prices. I only used one picture and the only thing people could see about danielle was her age and the bio where the prices were listed.

Turns out a lot of people were interested in my kissing booth. Over the course of 3 days Danielle got matched with 30 men and women and 8 of those 30 people messaged me. Out of those 8 people who messaged me 6 asked about the prices and things. It all got very creepy but I will call it successful and feel much better after I delete the account. IMG_0627.jpgIMG_0628.jpg

Yes, if looks like I was totally Catfishing all of these people on Tinder. Sorry Tinder people, this was just an experiment.


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