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Nude Repariations 

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I have a clever idea – in today’s culture it seems like we’re always asking people to “send nudes” – myself included. It’s partially a joke, but to be honest what’s not tantalizing about seeing someone naked? 

The politicking and relationship between a casual “sext” turns really complicated when something casual gets leaked to the public, and something so very personal turns into this huge thing.

I had an idea – let’s hold people accountable for their actions. In the same way people like to shame others for “taking nudes in the first place”, I am calling people to task for viewing them (even if consentually) basically saying that if they viewed it, they should have compensated the person in the photo just like you’d pay a sex worker or porn star. 
I started a gofundme and shared it on my Facebook just to gague people’s reactions. I got s lot of interesting responses. 

By the next two days, I had gotten 57 shares, according to GoFundme. No money donated, but a lot of interesting discourse.

– Kevin.


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