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Making Pennies with Swag

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For my project I signed up for the website This website allows you to watch videos, fill out surveys, sign up for email alerts, and other things to earn “swagbucks.” These can then be collected and then turned in for gift cards and other prizes. I decided to see how much I could earn by doing as little as possible and see how much spam and advertisement I would have to endure. Immediately I was told to turn off my ad block, yes some of the links wouldn’t work as long as I had it on. This helped my case of wanting to do as little as possible on the website and earn as much points as possible. I took a survey which asked a lot of personal questions I was not willing to answer. From that I decided surveys were not the answer. My next step was videos. You can watch so many minutes of videos and they reward you. I clicked on the first link which was a set of 6 videos that spanned 37 minutes. I let the videos play while I worked on other tasks and came back to find out I made $0.02 and was hit with some emails while they palyed. Overall I decided Swagbucks was not worth the time and effort you’d have to put in to earn a significant amount of points. Here is a video I made of the experience with Swagbucks.


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