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Buy My Anxiety

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When I was younger I picked up knitting as a way to cope with anxiety, something quiet to keep my hands busy whenever I got too tightly wound. It was something I could have control over in my life but it wasn’t overly distracting. This past summer people had started to comment on how they would love to buy the various hats and scarves I made so I started a business. First just posting to Facebook and other social media sights that I was selling these hats and scarves, which I ended up styling after the Hogwarts Houses because Harry Potter has a high interest.


This past weekend I finally set up an etsy to have a greater reach with my business. I started by advertising my etsy on my own personal Facebook but I realized that people there had already seen what I was selling so I wasn’t quite reaching a new audience yet. So for the sake of the project and doing something new and somewhat creative, I reached out to a new group. I joined this Facebook group full of people who had some similar interests to me and posted there. As someone who has social anxiety posting in new groups on social medium forums can be emotionally taxing because I’m always terrified what people are going to say, especially if I don’t know if posting something like this would be allowed or not. But I went ahead and posted the following message to the group in hopes to get people interested in the small business I had started.


I ended up getting some decent feedback from the members of the group of people interested in the hats I was selling and asking questions about various things I would be willing to make, mostly asking questions about the PRIDE hats I mentioned in my post but at the time had no pictures of.

Through this I actually made my first sale on my etsy from someone who apparently lives in Stow.


I didn’t specify to anyone that I knit because I’m anxious but because of the nature of why I started knitting and what posting in this new group did to my anxiety levels at the time, I figured “Buy My Anxiety” would be a fitting title for this piece.

If anyone is interested in a hat or scarf from me, here’s a link to my etsy. 


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