INTERNET ART: networks, performative programming, and web as context



Here is my early 2000’s esque website on Dinosaurs.


3 thoughts on “Website

  1. Your dinosaur theme is interesting. I like the layout of the page so far. I like how you had the images link to another website. I also admired the fact that you centered the picture and text in the beginning of the website (I was trying to figure out how to add that feature on my page).


  2. I love the theme you’ve put together and the fact you are going for a 2000s aesthetic. I think the opacity feature you added when you hover over images is really interesting and helps signify that those images are links. Going to the various articles was a nice touch as well.


  3. I like how the opacity of the pictures change as you hover over them and the colorful shadow behind your header. Many of the links are very informative as well.


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