INTERNET ART: networks, performative programming, and web as context

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Host Gator:

– Click Hatchling plan – $3.45 / month + a domain for $10/year

– “Register a new domain” – check a box for a cheap, available domain

– unlick “add domain privacy protection” if you won’t want to pay extra

– Choose hatchling package type

Choose 3 months to last through classIf you can only do 1 month for now, do that and we’ll talk and come see me during office hours

– Enter username & 4 digit pin

  • Fill out billing info
  • You do not need to “protect your site” or pay for anything extra if you don’t want to! – if it was me, I might do sight back up (it is $2/month)
  • Check out
  • Make sure you are redirected to the site
  • You will get an email with your username and password
  • Log in to customer portal with those
  • In the my account page, looking at packages, you will see at the top a bar that says “Get started 1. Set up your website 2. Manage domain …etc.”
  • Click 1. Set up your website
  • Click Start Walk through: How to Create an FTP account (portal)
  • Follow the directions – click hosting, click files and folders
  • Open File Manager – this is a browser-based FTP client, its okay to use this for your file transfer needs for this class
  • If you want to use a different FTP client – and its always a good idea to set this up in case you will need to — from the files and folder menu, click FTP Accounts
  • Click Create a new FTP account
  • Choose a username & password
  • If you want to use a FTP client you can download one from the list in the class resources tab on the blog and use it just like we are going to use the file manager
  • Once in file manager, click the PUBLIC_HTML directory
  • Once in here, you can upload any html files you have
  • You will need to rename the front page of your website “index.html”
  • You can also upload images directly here, but I would recommend creating a new directory for all supplemental materials and then changing all your IMG SRC attributes to match the directory path you have set up