INTERNET ART: networks, performative programming, and web as context

Network Project

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Screenshot_2016-08-31-23-17-24~2(1)Whenever I hear the word “network” I automatically think about social networking and how valuable/ useful it is for people all over the world. For example, Facebook is known worldwide for literally connecting people, not only for social reasons, but also for business, entertainment, and other interests.

Even though there are tons of social networks, I thought that it would be nice to have a network that specifically caters to art students from different universities and colleges all over the United States. Not only would this expose students to different artists all over the country, but it will also provide new opportunities such as doing collaborations pieces, learn from other experiences, and would possibly open doors to career opportunities for students. The purpose of this network is not only to socialize with other students but it also gives students the ability to share different projects and do further research about their interest.

As a student, I personally think it would be nice to also have connection with the Alumni and Professors to seek career advice and also to receive any notifications that could be helpful with the students’ individual art careers. Overall, this network would stand out not only because it focuses on art, but it would thrive on improving the art world for students as a whole.



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