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Network Project: AndrewNet VR

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AndrewnetConcept5.gifVirtually you, virtually real, controlled by real you.

AndrewNet VR is a virtual reality simulation operated by users from the comfort of their own homes. AndrewNet users can explore a digital replica of the real world while interacting with other AndrewNet users, much like a video game with online capabilities.

AndrewNet features popular video game mechanics like an inventory system, supernatural character abilities, a video game currency, and many other aspects that make AndrewNet more of a fantasy-world than just a replica of the real world. All of this is determined by which server a user decides to connect with.

For example, the medieval server is a map of the current world (geographically updated every year on January 1st) with a thematic twist (dragons and medieval castles and weapons among other things). There are also various other servers to choose from: science fiction, post-apocalyptic, modern day, etc.

It is possible for AndrewNet users to die in the game. Once death occurs, users cannot operate on the same server for the next seven days.


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