INTERNET ART: networks, performative programming, and web as context

“Hip to the Hop” Network

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I decided to start my blog out with 2 videos for you to watch.  You don’t have to watch them all the way through to understand my concept behind my network, but you are welcome to.  

1st, Play this video….

Now, check out this video…..

……….Hear anything familiar?????????       Before you make an assumption about this, just know that TLC made it first, but Zendaya decided to sample the music and create her own.

This is an idea of what I wanted to portray in my network.  I am calling it the Hip Hop network, with a basis on hip hop, history, fashion, and so much more.                                             I wanted to display the relationships between older music and new (like above) and the relationships Hip Hop has when it comes to fashion, media, and general hobbies like spoken word (poetry), etc.



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