INTERNET ART: networks, performative programming, and web as context

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Network of Crazy Cat Ladies

I came up with an idea for a random network that I would totally be a part of. I tried to think of ways that a group of people would branch out to create an organization and went with it.



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A Network of Rice


Rice is one of the most important staple crops in the entire world, so I thought it would be appropriate to give it some recognition in a network. First, I researched the history of rice: where it came from, where it’s grown naturally, where it is most consumed, etc. From there I connected the dots. I included popular recipes from around the world. Second, I looked for foods you wouldn’t think would have rice in it. The main thing I found was it is included in different types of candy like Crunch and Rice Krispies (big surprise on this one especially, I know). I chose the detective/conspiracy theorist board look to make it seem like the creator (I guess me) looks like someone who is crazy about rice (I am not).

The main drive for this project was my love for food (once again I am not obsessed with rice) and different cultures. With half of my family being Mexican, I’ve had my fair share of experience with rice and rice dishes. It amazes me how something as small as rice is a common trait in so many cultures, even the ones where rice was not always there (like in the Americas).

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A Network Of Word Association

For this project I decided to map out a word association project. I started with the word art and then continued to branch off from there by asking people what they thought of various words. I made an interactive blog so people could click random links to take them through various trails.


Here is the blog!

This is a physical log of the various words and how they connected. As you can see various words loop together and intersect with various other trails and can take you in loops.


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For my network I wanted to continue from my last search of where cars are manufactured in the USA and to explore how many “American” vehicles are actually made here. I was able to find out that any country that contributes at least 15% of manufacturing has to be listed on the final product. With this information I was able to find out the top five car makers in the USA and how much of the product is American. From the data I was able to gather, largely in part from this article on, I found that the most american made cars are actually Toyota’s. Producing 4 of their top sellers in the states they average 72.5% of their parts made and assembled in the United States. I have made a map that documents the data I found which is a network of just how spread out car manufacturing is.

World Car Network Map

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I see a lot of funny flow charts of the internet and I wanted to see if I could make one myself. So I made one about whether or not you should eat a donut. It was a lot harder than it looks to come up with all the answers and to make sure it all went together.IMG_0597 (1).jpg