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Trail of crumbs…

So I started with research I was doing for the network project that is due on Thursday. I wanted to look up pictures I was going to create into cartoons. The theme was donuts so I started by looking at pictures of donuts on


This is what led me to pictures found on the Dunkin’ Donuts website

On there website there was this “MyPlate” thing that I have seen before. It is for eating healthy and I used it a lot for another class I took.


I found that you can actually buy plates that look just like the picture for adults and children. Which I found awesome because my boyfriend’s 3 year old niece is actually having trouble eating and learning about eating healthy in preschool. So I looked up where i could buy one cheaper than on the website.

While scrolling down the list of all the different plates I saw a wine glass that was very cool

I was actually looking for wine glasses! I ended my search there.