INTERNET ART: networks, performative programming, and web as context

Computer Trail


So I started here watching a series of barbie cartoon episodes

Then I saw this Disney Ad and so I clicked it, played a couple of games

Then that site had a yummy Ravioli image and I clicked it and that took me to Kroger

Then I saw this app and  clicked it and it took me to Itunes

then I clicked their tweet app and ended up on twitter





4 thoughts on “Computer Trail

  1. I like that you embedded a Twitter feed! Very cool and interactive.


  2. I think you are very brave for clicking on a youtube advertisement, I’m always afraid of them pestering me more if I give into them. I think it is interesting that we both eventually got to twitter, but you made your blog post much better than I did by embedding the feed.


  3. The twitter feed embedded was a very creative idea. I love and recognize the connection between your starting and ending point. Though, this may not had been intentional, or the base of the network, they are both music related sources that we utilize!


  4. It’s amazing how far the Barbie enterprise has come. I remember when girls were flipping out over a “My Size Barbie”


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