INTERNET ART: networks, performative programming, and web as context



I want a new poster for my room so I started here:

which lead me to watching the movie dogma

which lead me to a series of youtube videos



which lead me to conan’s twitter

which lead to #nationalwaffleday

where I ended with this vine


2 thoughts on “Wormhole

  1. A trip down a wormhole of comedy, lol. The usage of just the medium, video, is very interest, especially when you started off with a shopping site. Sticking the theme of comedy was also something that stuck out. I could relate, because I live for comedyđź‘Ś


  2. I find it interesting that you went from the movies to vines. Its interesting to see you start from a place that is seen as professional, and moved towards a medium that literally anyone could do.


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