INTERNET ART: networks, performative programming, and web as context

Internet Car Trail

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Since I was little I have loved cars. Their designs from exterior to interior are one of my favorite forms of art. I am always gathering as much info on whats new in the car world everyday, so naturally I started my internet trail on my favorite source of news.

From here I went onto their feature page to check out what the most recent articles were about.

Here I found an article I figured would be a good read which led me to my next journey of researching the new Acura NSX which is being produced locally here in Ohio.

Learning about the Acura being made in Ohio led me to another article that talked about how many cars are made and assembled here in America.

Lastly I was directed to an article that interested me because I am interested in cars and advancements in technology, so I read about GM and Honda joining with google on a new patent.



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