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From the Sea to 2D

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I was randomly scrolling through my tumblr feed until I came across something that intrigued me. I stumbled upon this post about  An artist leaving a dress in the dead sea.

which lead me to the actual article.

After exploring the site i came across another article about art.

From there I found some art that caught my eye in one of the links.

Which took me to the artists’ sight.

Which took me to their actual blog which showcased all their work.

And then to a 3d animation piece they worked on with a music group.

Which brought me to youtube

Which brought me to another animated short by another artist, this time a 2d artist.


One thought on “From the Sea to 2D

  1. First off, I love how this trail is solely about art. It is really interesting how it ended up focusing about one artist in particular: Alexander Jansson (whose art I am now in love with). This list shows just how helpful the internet is when it comes to showcasing art. It helps artists get their work out there and seen by the masses. It gives them a following. This also shows how the internet is in a way a gallery showcasing everything and anything.


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