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From Cats to Fantasy Photography


My search began by typing “kitty cats” into Google with the intention of finding a completely different interest of my own in the end.

20 Funny And Cute kitty Cats Pictures

International Country Flags Made From The Country’s Traditional Food

18 National Flags Made From Each Country’s Traditional Foods

Dancers Photographed Practicing in the Streets of New York




2 thoughts on “From Cats to Fantasy Photography

  1. It’s interesting to watch your trail of art and how you ended up where you did. The collection of cat pictures made me ridiculously happy and it was interesting to see you go from those to food posts. The pictures of the dancers in the city were absolutely stunning. Its amazing to see you end up with these stunning fantasy photographs. The first few jumps in this trail are the most compelling to me, because its investing to see a jump from cute and funny pictures of cats to flags made from food of those countries. That jump seems to have the biggest disconnect and I cant help but wonder where you would end up on this trail if you clicked on something else.


  2. I thought that the trail of your search was very interesting. I enjoyed how each link of your trail was completely different and was not in the same category. In relation to the article, I admire that the beginning of your trail consists of artistic surfing of photo blogs. Overall, the beginning of the trail was “inspired” by group blogging.


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