INTERNET ART: networks, performative programming, and web as context



I want a new poster for my room so I started here:

which lead me to watching the movie dogma

which lead me to a series of youtube videos



which lead me to conan’s twitter

which lead to #nationalwaffleday

where I ended with this vine


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My trip down the rabbit hole

I have been obsessed with getting a dog over the last few months. I like photography, graffiti, cinematography, among plenty other interests. I started at one link and ended up somewhere I didn’t necessarily expect. I might not have done the assignment correctly, but if you check it out, let me know where I went left when I should’ve gone right, lol. Thanks


From Cats to Fantasy Photography

My search began by typing “kitty cats” into Google with the intention of finding a completely different interest of my own in the end.

20 Funny And Cute kitty Cats Pictures

International Country Flags Made From The Country’s Traditional Food

18 National Flags Made From Each Country’s Traditional Foods

Dancers Photographed Practicing in the Streets of New York



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Chain Link

I started here:

Tommy Hartung

And ended here because it wouldnt let me go further:

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Internet Car Trail

Since I was little I have loved cars. Their designs from exterior to interior are one of my favorite forms of art. I am always gathering as much info on whats new in the car world everyday, so naturally I started my internet trail on my favorite source of news.

From here I went onto their feature page to check out what the most recent articles were about.

Here I found an article I figured would be a good read which led me to my next journey of researching the new Acura NSX which is being produced locally here in Ohio.

Learning about the Acura being made in Ohio led me to another article that talked about how many cars are made and assembled here in America.

Lastly I was directed to an article that interested me because I am interested in cars and advancements in technology, so I read about GM and Honda joining with google on a new patent.


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Internet Black Hole

I began my spiral into the black hole of the internet on one of my favorite sites,, a newsletter curated by Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner. I began here. I love this column about quick easy ways to keep clean and organized. This led me to the author’s weekly column on Esquire… This article detailed the proper way to clean a toilet. Which led me to… This article by the Smithsonian is about urine… Things seem to be devolving quickly.  This article was about bacteria in urine. Which led me to… This article was about urine’s ability to generate electricity.  Urine has been shown to be able to generate light in experiments. Researchers are developing a pee-powered toilet.



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Internet Trails

I saw this korean show on facebook that seems interesting so I watched the video.

I’m not korean and there was no subtitles so I searched google to see what it’s about.

There was this guy in the video that had problems with his speech so I search about it.


Clicked on random links that lead me to different places. Internet is bringing me to different random places today.