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Stream of Consciousness Internet Adventure

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Reddit is one of my favorite sites to help me pass the time. I admit, it’s even my top source for news updates, and also my go-to website for general internet exploration. With that being said, I figured it would be a great starting point for me. My plan was to click on the first link on each page that would grab my attention.

  1. – I hit the ‘random’ button and ended up on this page with an endless amount of ridiculous videos. I consider myself very fortunate to have been directed here instead of anywhere else.
  2. – This one really stuck out to me. One of the most popular posts on this page is a link to a petition to “rename fire ants to spicy boys.” Gotta love the internet.
  3. Rename Fire Ants to Spicy Boys!!! – I signed the petition (and you should too). Then I scrolled to the bottom of the page and clicked on the first link I even slightly related to in the “related posts” section.
  4. Allow Free Music to be Eligible for Grammy Nomination – I arrived at a petition to allow independent musicians like Chance the Rapper to be eligible for Grammy nominations. I clicked it because I had just seen Chance perform two days ago.
  5. – I don’t use Twitter but I clicked this link to see Chance’s Tweets, because I felt like exploring something I normally wouldn’t. This independent musician has almost two million followers. He’s kind of a big deal or something.
  6. Trending Twitter Hashtags: #SundayFunday – I found this link in the “trending hashtags” section on the side of the page. After arriving here, I decided that I could not continue with my adventure because I simply did not care for anything else on the page, not even a little bit.

I thoroughly enjoyed my somewhat-aimless journey through the internet today. Looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say about the fire ants  spicy boys petition! Please sign it if you care about the progress of mankind.


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