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Trail of Games


So I am super excited about the Skyrim port that we’re getting on PS4. So my first destination was to look at the wiki to start planning my new character when it comes out.


Curious about the release date I looked at the link provided on the wiki to see when it was being released which took me to ign.


ign had an interesting article about e3, and being the huge nerd I am I just had to click it.


Seeing there was a new game coming out that was inspired by one of my all time favorite games, curiosity got the better of me.


Interested to learn more about the game after watching the video I decided to look at its official website.


The trail of games ends here though…for now….





2 thoughts on “Trail of Games

  1. I like how your internet adventure stayed pretty consistent in theme. Not a single link leads to something that isn’t game-related; however, I wonder if any of these sites could lead you outside the game world and into another part of the internet. Also, I wonder what lead you to click on each tab. In reference to the article, this link trail does prove that internet surfing does do more than channel surfing. You learned about a popular game and even found a new game!


  2. I can understand how looking up games can lead you into a loop of looking up other games and staying in the same subject. What I have found to be “helpful” when wanting to get lost in a loop when it comes to games is to research as much as i can about the content of the game. Look up the characters, the game creators, I wanna know everyone’s origin stories and everyone’s hidden gems to the actual story. Looking up origin stories especially can lead you outside the gaming universe and into probably wikipedia or other blogs with people just as obsessed as i am about knowing everything before even buying the game.


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