INTERNET ART: networks, performative programming, and web as context

The Good and Bad on the Internet

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While trying to find something I loved on the internet I found myself having trouble finding just one thing to post.


I found this short student animation about a girl and her problematic pet who loves to cause her trouble. The first time I watched this I was amazed by how accurately the artist, Kelsey Goldych, portrays pets and the struggle some owners go through with animals and their attitude problems. Goldych also does a great job of using a computer desktop as a setting that the cat can interact with.



I’m not sure if I would call this bad or just strange and unsettling. I found this late at night after a few hours of just surfing strange videos on the internet and I found myself entertained at first but then mildly distressed and ultimately disturbed by the end of the video that seems to keep devolving as it continues.

A picture of myself.




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