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The Good… and The Bad

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The Good

My favorite place to get my online news/spend hours browsing is I think VICE does an amazing job of mixing serious and important world news with trivial and humorous information that you can talk to your friends about at dinner parties to seem interesting… such as this article on KFC’s new sunscreen that smells like fried chicken.


The Bad

Pinterest. I love Pinterest, and use Pinterest regularly for recipes, decorating ideas, etc. However, the user interface is less than ideal. I have used Pinterest for marketing for the company I used to work for, and have seen firsthand how painstaking it is to make sure all links and shopping sites are linked to the images correctly. It is too easy for the actual information to get lost in translation. It is also difficult to make sure that the sizes of the images you are using are showing up on feeds the way you want them to.


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