INTERNET ART: networks, performative programming, and web as context

Good and Bad Internet

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The Good

When I was looking for good internet sites, was boasted as a site for limitless possibilities. When I got to the site an ominous voice repeated that I could do anything at zombo com. Both of these statements were wrong, you can do literally nothing at zombo com. However, I do think this site perfectly mocked the vast and limitless possibilities of the internet versus what a lot of people choose to do with it (say how great they are when they’re actually doing nothing).

The Bad

This site is a hotter/colder game but a voice is shouting ‘cow’ with increasing fervor until you click on the invisible cow. The voice is incredibly annoying. There is also an option to donate, which I assumed would go to PETA or something, but it just goes to the creator. This is just trying to make easy sites for money and contributing nothing while also being incredibly annoying.


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