INTERNET ART: networks, performative programming, and web as context

Do you want the good or bad news?

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Over the years I have found several different ways to get information and read about the news. On a day to day basis I would look through Facebook or Instagram to find out what is going on in a variety of genres. But then and started showing me only what was popular and not what was important. The popular articles and daily news was useless or connected to an advertisement in some way. So I started looking elsewhere for a way to get information about a lot of things in a fun, liberal manner and I found BuzzFeed. Its a fun way to get the news, see inspirational DIY projects, recipes, little social experiments they do with their staff with a fun liberal filler and with out someone trying to sell me anything. I have always got artistic ideas from any part of the website and its many articles and videos.

Example of a inspirational artistic video using a medium I like a lot (graphic design):





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