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Wikipedia and a Urinal

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I love wikipedia. It gives you information about almost anything and everything, and you never really know how true any of it is. Wikipedia is a collaborative piece. It gathers information from all over the world, and anyone can come in and change that information. I definitely think it can be argued as being art because it incorporates the internet and curators, two important characteristics of Contemporary Art. I chose this link in particular because it talks about religion, which has played an extremely important role in art history (and it challenges what I grew up learning in the church).


This is Marcel Duchamp’s readymade, Fountain. The hate I have for this piece is indescribable, but I respect it because it challenged what is and is not art. I hate it because it is a urinal. I hate it because it is literally a urinal turned on its side with a pen name written on the edge. I hate it because people would actually pee in it when it was on display. I hate it because it’s easy.




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