INTERNET ART: networks, performative programming, and web as context

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Good and Bad Findings on the Internet

Good –

Geoguessr is a game built around the use of Google Maps. The game drops you in a random location anywhere in the world, then you’re supposed to drop a pin on the map where you think you might be. You even get more points for a more accurate guess. At first glance, Geoguessr is just a really cool free game on the internet that can take up hours and hours of your time. I think it’s much more than that, though. It’s an interesting way of communicating the idea that the entire world has been mapped out and uploaded to the internet. While the internet knows where you are in real life, Geoguessr prompts you to guess where you are on the internet.


Bad –

I wish I could say that I enjoy the concepts asserted by this website. There are a few really interesting things to read on here. They’re interesting, imaginative, eccentric…and maybe a little too eccentric. To me, they definitely are. I can follow along with most of the text, but I really just don’t want to. It’s just not great at all.


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Evond Blake

Evond Blake

Evond Blake’s artwork really stood out to me. I was really impressed by the architectural qualities of his street art. It appeared to be an interesting mix of the architect Zaha Hadid’s design style and graffiti. I found this because I’ve been following an artist called PA System and they are both out of the same Toronto based collective The Patch Project.

Welcome to the Internet Art Print

Although this is just trying to be funny, it just seems like it is degrading what art could be on the internet. It is the cliched version of the internet art aesthetic that drowns out most of the much deeper  content on the web.

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Something I didn’t like.  Maybe not technically internet Art, but something I thought looked too “canned” for my tastes.  51bYbpFqQEL._SY300_-1

Many of the items of internet art I liked were videos of clever, compelling and often humorous images that were either borrowed or computer generated.  I couldn’t seem to upload them.  But here is one I could upload.  I like how it used movement to catch my attention.   giphy

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Wikipedia and a Urinal

I love wikipedia. It gives you information about almost anything and everything, and you never really know how true any of it is. Wikipedia is a collaborative piece. It gathers information from all over the world, and anyone can come in and change that information. I definitely think it can be argued as being art because it incorporates the internet and curators, two important characteristics of Contemporary Art. I chose this link in particular because it talks about religion, which has played an extremely important role in art history (and it challenges what I grew up learning in the church).


This is Marcel Duchamp’s readymade, Fountain. The hate I have for this piece is indescribable, but I respect it because it challenged what is and is not art. I hate it because it is a urinal. I hate it because it is literally a urinal turned on its side with a pen name written on the edge. I hate it because people would actually pee in it when it was on display. I hate it because it’s easy.



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How to post to the blog!

There are 2 ways to post your own post to the blog – which is how I would like you to complete blog post assignments. You will need to accept my invitation to join the blog and be LOGGED IN to wordpress to post to the blog. If you’re having trouble logging in (perhaps from a new computer or private browsing window), a little trick is to attempt to comment on a post and log in with the small wordpress widget (its a W in a circle).

To post to the blog.

  1. You should see a blue or black horizontal bar across the top of the blog, if you are logged in. Click the pen/pencil icon on the top right and proceed to give a title to your post and write it … OR…
  2. Go to the top left where it says “my site,” click that, and below should appear a list. You will see it says “blog posts” and to the right of that it should say “Add” in a button you can click. There you should be able to write your own post (where you can click “start a post”)
  3. Categorize your post – we will talk about how we can use this in class