INTERNET ART: networks, performative programming, and web as context

Peculiarities / LIKES / HATES

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“it” “knows” “you”



different commercial systems

infinite subcultures

instant information

lack of privacy / illusion of privacy

it lasts forever – breadcrumbs  – at the same time, its ephemeral

its not really “there” – there is no geographic location


connection – social – communication – information – data

theoretical transactions

no filters – open


new connections

data mining, data analysis, dataveillance



it’s everywhere!

accessible – easy to access  – if you have: computer, resources, phone

easy to use

contact with family and friends – even from a distance

entertainment – youtube, imgur, netflix, facebook, games

information – recipes, planning, comparisons, maps

consumer – fashion, buying stuff online, price comparison

ANYTHING – art! creative stuff

Jobs – freelance work



mandatory – necessity – it has become a utility

email – SPAM!

trolling, cyberbullying,

anonymity –

scamming, false identities, identity theft, phishing



“smart” advertising



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