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Trail of crumbs…

So I started with research I was doing for the network project that is due on Thursday. I wanted to look up pictures I was going to create into cartoons. The theme was donuts so I started by looking at pictures of donuts on


This is what led me to pictures found on the Dunkin’ Donuts website

On there website there was this “MyPlate” thing that I have seen before. It is for eating healthy and I used it a lot for another class I took.


I found that you can actually buy plates that look just like the picture for adults and children. Which I found awesome because my boyfriend’s 3 year old niece is actually having trouble eating and learning about eating healthy in preschool. So I looked up where i could buy one cheaper than on the website.

While scrolling down the list of all the different plates I saw a wine glass that was very cool

I was actually looking for wine glasses! I ended my search there.

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Internet Trail

So I started at this (listing deleted) of a 2008 Scion xB that needed an engine


I flip cars on the side, so I did some research on how much an engine costs. Not pretty.


I also like reading about Wiki articles, so I Wiki’ed the car



and kept reading about other cars Toyota makess

Came across this Toyota art car stuff


and pics of their current models

ANd learned about their heritage from their own site





Computer Trail

So I started here watching a series of barbie cartoon episodes

Then I saw this Disney Ad and so I clicked it, played a couple of games

Then that site had a yummy Ravioli image and I clicked it and that took me to Kroger

Then I saw this app and  clicked it and it took me to Itunes

then I clicked their tweet app and ended up on twitter






I want a new poster for my room so I started here:

which lead me to watching the movie dogma

which lead me to a series of youtube videos



which lead me to conan’s twitter

which lead to #nationalwaffleday

where I ended with this vine